Operating Microscope

· Schott lens from Germany,multilayer coating,composite to eliminate colour differences.

· American LED light source,continuous brightness adjustment, more stable illumination, life over 65,000 hours

· German manufactured gas spring balance arm system,can be set at any position using its smooth operation.

Ultrasonic Endodontic Scaler
· Clean, reliable and sensitive touch screen,tempered glass material is water-proof and durable.
· LED handpiece offers clear working vision.
· Inductive rotary water switch, detachable with automatic washing function, easy for cleaning.
· Sine wave drive avoids instant stimulation and is comfortable and gentle.
· Intelligent negative feedback system,constant power output,to achieve continuous and stable.
· treatment effect.

· 360°rotatable contra-angle

· Built-in 30 mainstream file systeams

· Three times longer service life

· Front center-of-gravity .

· 6:1 Contra angle

· Software update .

· 2000mAh Lithium battery


· Inherit multi-frequency apex positioning technology

· Add DSP data processing system

· Combined with clinical big data fitting, it can ensure accurate · measuring even there are residual pulp and biood in the root canal

· Information processing speed increased by

· Adopt high-precision components imported from Japan

· High resolution signal without distortion

· Automatic calibration during 0.5s booting

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