· Multi-functional integration.Including implant,repair,extraction of impacted teeth, orthopedic surgery.

· Eight program modes can match 10 bending heads with different speed ratios.

· The surgical parameters are automatically stored and memorized without frequent setting.

· The software algorithm is humanized and intelligent.

Air Scaler

· Used for periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, implant maintenance, restoration preparation and tooth grinding

· Improved comfort,and free from electromagnetic interference

· Similar effect to manual subgingival scraping

· A fully closed peristaltic pump supply pipeline is safer

· Multiple filters to remove impurities and contaminants in the airline

· Easy to clean

· Low-cost consumables

Auto Tooth Bone Graft Material Maker

· Assisted bone regeneration technology

· Excellent hydrophilicity

· Durable support

· The ratio of calcium to phosphorus is like that of alveolar bone

· Good biocompatibility

UV Activator

· Used for Implant operation in dental clinic

Obtains a hydrophilic surface after only 30 seconds of UV exposure

· Special design voids cross infection

· The Implant surface is irradiated with 172NM UV

· Weak before UV exposure. Strong after UV exposure

· Short implant treatment reduces risk of infection

· Reduced bone bonding cycle Non-hydrophilic implant can also achieve bone bonding in a short time

Anesthesia Booster

· A wireless, portable injection device

· Gun shape making the injection easier

· Three injection settings;low,medium and high dose to improve accuracy

· Automatic pressure relief;stops automatically on contact with

· bone Comes with four autoclavable cartridges

· European thread

· Can be injected in parodontium

· Wireless charging,identifiable by tone

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