Dental-Chair Blaster

· Cost-effective

· Simple installation without a separate external pipe, directly connected to the dental-chair's four-hole high-speed interface

· Patented sand-bin,constant sand production rate,meeting clinical requirements

· Easy One-click cleaning saves the time and reduces maintenance

· Metal handpiece is durable and can be rotated 360 degrees. Easy to access to any part of the mouth

· Easy to disassemble

Sandblaster AFK


· Flexible to reach any area.Metal Material and autoclavable at 134°

No block owning to gas and water seperation


· Made by Metal and comfortable to hold Anti-suction device

Prevent powder and water suction,effectively protect the pipeline,no blocking .


· KAVO interface


· Transparentbinmakesitmoreconvenienttouse

Sandblaster D

・The rotatable nozzle can spray360°


・Theswitchiscomtortabletouse,and the sand flow is acourate

・ACourate flow enalbles almost all sand to be used

・Four-holestandardIintetace,easyinstallatlonande need to take over the plpeline

・Sand blasting with water redues dust pollution to proteot thehealth of dootors and patients

Air Flow

· IDesigned with streamlined mechanics enabling long term use without fatigue.

· IFlexible to reach any area

· IDual anti suck-back internal structure:to prevent pipeline contamination and prolong service life.

· Patent internal sanding structure: sanding stable at 2 g/min.

· Internal pressurization improves efficiency and reduces clogging

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