Detal Sensors

● Effective imaging area 2.5×3.0cm

● Grayscale ≥16 bits (Highest in the industry).

● Tested spatial resolution12-14Lp/mm.

● Connection USB connection/Wireless.

● Connection cable 3m (Extendable).

● Support system Windows 7,8,and 10.

● Cutting Edge Technology And Strict Tests Deliver Unrivaled Durability

● 500,000+exposuresand,100,000+cable bending test sensure performance under different working conditions.A shock-resistant and waterproof casing securely protects the sensor

Intraoral Scanner


Intraoral camera

High precision and fast scanning

Multiple disinfection methods

Occlusion relationship analysis

Automatically remove any redundant data such as gloves, tougue etc

15mm depth of field to provide scanning efficiency and ensure data integrity

Built-in anti fog module

Scanner tips with automatic mirror

heating to ensure data accuracy

Portable X-ray

Compared with ordinary X-ray machines, the DC highfrequency portable X-ray machine is free from the unstable  interference of external AC power, the output ray is stable when shooting, and the image is much better.

●Micro-focus tube, the focal size is0.4mm, the radiation is concentrated, the scattering ray is less, and the image is clearer.

Multiple imaging method soft film, sensor and scanner can be

selected arbitrarily.
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